17 Apr 2014

All the pains, beatings and bruises Christ suffered were VOLUNTARY. He decided to take up our sufferings and pains even before we were born. He could have chosen not to, but His unending love for you and I made Him to offer Himself as a sacrifice that we may live a victorious life.

Christ has paid the price for all the sins you committed and the ones you haven’t committed even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. His mercies are new every morning. Don’t let the devil fool you into believing that your sins are grievous and enormous that Jesus won’t save you, if you’ll accept Him, He’ll forgive your sins, cleanse you and relate with you as though, you’ve committed NO sin.

I personally feel that Jesus’ greatest joy is to forgive people of their sins, and give them the gift of salvation through the powers of Redemption. No wonder the Bible says Heaven rejoices at the salvation of souls.

Truth is, the joy that comes with salvation is better experienced, not expressed.

This season affords you the opportunity to deeply reflect on the essence of Christ (Salvation) and choose to serve Him henceforth.2014-04-17-21-07-44--1354305057

Don’t be deceived, there is no other name given to man on earth by which a man can be saved, except by the name of JESUS (Oh how powerful is the name!)

No matter how horrible you feel your life is or how terrible your sins are, always remember that mercy awaits you at the Cross.The blood that Jesus shed at Calvary, this day, over 2000 years ago is still potent and will forever be. Tap into the powers in that blood and start to experience an exhilarating life in Christ Jesus.

May the power in this blood make you whole and perfect all that concerns you.

Jesus is Lord!


Your life will make sense!