04 Feb 2016

Convener, Wale Tejumade

IMG_20160126_095225Every once in a while, we meet people or events that alter our paradigm in radical ways. Some of these experiences appear subtly while others appear with a bang. I had one of such encounters recently and what began as a mild curiosity culminated in a paradigm-shifting experience.

Wale Tejumade and a cross-section of LHC Volunteers
Wale Tejumade and a cross-section of LHC Volunteers

Lofty Heights Conference 2016, the debut edition of an annual conference hosted by Wale Tejumade, held on Saturday, 23rd January, 2016 in Terra Kulture, VI, Lagos, Nigeria. We were treated to loads of ‘inspiring’ content in an atmosphere of music, fun, laughter and beauty. The ambience was not just peaceful and cozy, it oozed of excellence and genuine joy.


Words will fail me to accurately describe what that conference did in me and for me. Neither can I adequately capture the simple but empowering thoughts that were shared that day. Like I said on Twitter, “every session was a hit from back to back and awon salt of the earth ti take over.” Here are a few excerpts from what I grasped in the conference:

i. Start with what you have and can do right now until you move into the fullness of all you are called to do and be~~~Gloria Braimah.
In my own words, the future you envision for yourself is hidden in your ability to utilise and constantly grow what you have right now.

ii. If you must break out of the suffocating African experience, you must avoid and flee MMC and embrace excellence. MMC means Mediocrity, Myopia and Complacency~~~Holy Mallam.

iii. Fulfilling purpose is to locate your habitat and inhabit it fully and the lowest point of your life may be your highest point in the discovery of your purpose~~~ Wale Tejumade.

iv. There is a lot of mediocrity in Nigeria; if you add a little touch of excellence in your work, you will go very far. Excellence will pave way for you. Always ask yourself, “Can I do this better?”~~~ Obafemi George

v. If you still litter your environment with empty sachets of water or snacks and empty bottles, you are one of the problems of Nigeria~~~ Gaise Baba.
Dear FH, we will play Titilai by Gaise Baba on our wedding day, thank you.

vi. It should not be a surprise when a Christian is shining in his profession because Christians are meant to shine in the world, not inside the church~~~ ID Cabasa.

vii. In the multitude of dissenting voices telling you to shut up, there is always someone that supports you and you need to always appreciate them~~~ Titi the Dynamite.

viii. If you have a difficult, straying or rebellious child, pray steadfastly for him/her. Preaching may not help because there is a thick veil separating that child from you. But whatever you do, keep praying~~~ Olakunle Ige (a 22-year-old business owner who used to be a drug addict, occult initiate and school drop-out).

ix. The pursuit of knowledge is the strength of civilization. What Africa lacks is not funds or successful people, but great people who desire and are working to become comfort spots for others~~~ Olakunle Soriyan

x. The religion you profess that society cannot be grateful for is a nuisance~~~ Olakunle Soriyan.
In my own words, your faith and spiritual inclinations should spur you to be a solution to society’s problems. If the world cannot thank God that you are a Christian/Muslim/Hindu/etc, then your faith is ineffective.

xi. Finally, several speakers emphasized one fact: To grow into all you desire to be in 2016, you need to build right relationships.

R-L: Ayo Omotosho(OAP Cool TV), Mr and Mrs Tejumade, IniWrites
R-L: Ayo Omotosho(OAP Cool TV), Mr and Mrs Tejumade, IniWrites

In light of the above, I am inviting 300 youths aged between 15 and 35 to join YARN. YARN is a cross-cultural, non-religious platform for youths who want to grow rapidly beyond their current level in the shortest time possible. It is for those who, like me, are interested in recovering lost years and regaining lost grounds. It is a platform for those who are hungry to change their lives and circumstances.

I am passionate about personal development and I want to help you move from where you are now to where you desire to be. If you are interested, send your Full Name, YARN (e.g. Ini Akpan, YARN) to +2348037741008 using your Watsapp or Telegram number. Membership is FREE.

To all who missed #LHC2016, 2017 will present another opportunity to you. The next edition of Lofty Heights Conference by Wale Tejumade will hold on 21st January, 2017. Prepare to be there!